What is Scally Rally ?

Scally Rally is a Banger Rally and driving challenge, where you have a very small budget to buy your car.

We drive on open public roads, nothing is timed and this is NOT A RACE.

How much does it cost to take part?

Enter our 2012 rally for just £175 per team. One of the best deals around!

What are the rules

This year we have 3 classes of entry:

Touring Class: any car purchased for less than £250

GT Class: Any 2.0 litre/2-3 door car purchased for less than £500

Classic Class: Any car originally registered in the 60's, 70's or 80's no matter of purchase price

The car must be road legal, with the appropriate MOT/NCT certificate and insurance.

Once registered you will receive a full handbook with more information about the event.

What will we do along the way?

Each days driving will be accompanied by a challenge. Each team will be awarded points that will be totaled up on the final day to give us our overall winner.





Are there any prizes?

Trophies and prizes are awarded to the third place, runner up and winner of each event.

Other awards are given to "Best In Show", "Spirit of Scally Rally" and the "Surfy" awards.

How do I register?

Please register via our registration form and secure on-line payment.

Where do we stay on the rally?

You will receive a full hotel pack before the rally with full list of recommendations for each stop over. This will include hotels, hostels, B&B's and camp sites - details of how to book will be included in the pack.

Can I get my money back if I change my mind?

Yes, up to 60 days after registration you can claim a full refund. After that we will give you 50% back if more than 3 months before the event. With more than 6 weeks left we will give you 25%, after that no refunds available - but places can be deferred to another year.